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Artificial Grass Installation in Little Rock, AR Saves Money & Time!

At SYNLawn Arkansas, our professional artificial grass installation can help home and business owners in Little Rock, AR save money and time! Unlike traditional grass and other common landscaping surfaces, our top-notch artificial turf requires little upkeep, which helps avoid costly, time-consuming maintenance activities like mowing and deweeding. Best of all, with our high-quality synthetic grass and expert installation service, you can rest assured that your SYNLawn Arkansas lawn, landscape, or putting green is built to last for years to come! 

Why Choose SYNLawn Arkansas for Artificial Turf Installation?

There are several reasons why residential and commercial property owners in Little Rock, AR should choose the team from SYNLawn Arkansas for artificial grass installation. First, we only utilize top-quality SYNLawn synthetic grass products that are manufactured right here in the United States of America. Second, our team possesses an abundance of artificial turf expertise in both designing and installing lawns, landscapes, and putting greens on various types of properties. As such, we can meet the unique challenge your backyard, office park, retail storefront, or other type of property may present. 

Yet, some of the best reasons to seek our synthetic turf installation services are the many benefits our artificial surfacing solutions can provide you, including helping to save you time and money! 

Saving Money in Little Rock, AR with Artificial Grass

While many consider artificial turf to be expensive, it is actually an exceptionally cost-effective investment. With high-quality synthetic grass like our American-made product, all of the costs and expenses in purchasing and installing it are upfront. Whereas with traditional grass lawns, landscapes, and especially putting greens, there are significant ongoing costs.   

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Many of the ongoing costs with conventional grass are due to maintenance. Unfortunately, to own a lawn, landscape, or putting green that looks its best, it requires costly and time-consuming upkeep. This includes owning and operating equipment like a sprinkler system that can use hundreds to thousands of gallons of water a year, a lawn mower, an edge trimmer, and more. And even if you hire a groundskeeper or landscaper, they must still be paid for their effort and time maintaining your grass. Overall, this can cost home and business owners hundreds to thousands of dollars every year, adding up significantly over time. 

Thankfully, artificial grass from SYNLawn Arkansas is low-maintenance. With it installed on your property, you no longer own a lawn, landscape, or putting green that needs to be watered, mowed, trimmed, de-weeded, and more. By eliminating the need for these forms of upkeep with a synthetic turf installation, you can save hundreds to thousands of dollars in the long run.  

Saving Time with Synthetic Surfaces

Lessening the upkeep required for owning a lawn, landscape, or putting green with our artificial grass installation not only helps home and business owners in Little Rock, AR save money, but it helps them save time as well. If you have a traditional lawn to maintain and you do not hire a groundskeeping or landscaping service, then you are forced to do it yourself. Sadly, even the smallest lawns can require hours of maintenance, and maintaining the largest conventional grass landscapes can take days off your life over time. So it is a wise investment in your time to switch to our low-maintenance synthetic grass instead!

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At SYNLawn Arkansas, we offer many industry-leading artificial turf products to our customers in Little Rock, AR for installation. Our multiple synthetic surfacing options include: 

Our many synthetic grass products can help suit the needs of various spaces and property types. And no matter which you choose, they can each help save you money and time on maintenance!

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Professional artificial grass installation is available in Little Rock, Arkansas from the experts at SYNLawn Arkansas. Once equipped to your residential or commercial property, our top-notch synthetic turf eliminates common lawn and landscape maintenance activities, which can save you money and time. Contact us today to learn more and receive a free estimate for an artificial lawn, landscape, or putting green installation for your property!