Give Your Dog an Optimal Surface to Run and Relax on with Artificial Pet Grass

Artificial pet grass from SYNLawn Arkansas is fully optimized for your dog to run and relax on in Little Rock, AR. It is eco-friendly and helps keep your pet cleaner when they go outside while controlling odors and providing cushioning and comfort. With our top-quality artificial dog grass, you can give your pup an optimal outdoor surface to enjoy year-round! Some of the many benefits that help make our artificial pet turf this way include the following: 

Artificial Pet Grass is Eco-Friendly

One of the greatest advantages of artificial pet grass from SYNLawn Arkansas is that it is much more eco-friendly than traditional grass. By opting for our artificial pet turf – also known as synthetic pet grass or artificial dog grass – you are helping to reduce your impact on the environment by eliminating the need for water, fertilizer, and pesticides. In addition, our artificial grass can be recycled at the end of its long lifespan, so you do not have to worry about disposing of it in a landfill.

Easy to Keep Clean

If you have a pet that loves to spend time outside, our artificial dog grass can help keep your backyard and pet area in Little Rock, AR cleaner and better sanitized. This is because our artificial pet grass is made from synthetic materials, which can be easily cleaned with water and gentle soap.  

Unlike traditional grass, artificial pet grass from SYNLawn Arkansas does not require regular mowing or aeration and does not have to be fertilized. As a result, you can easily wash away dirt or other debris without damaging the grass. In addition, our synthetic pet grass is designed to drain excess water quickly, so you will not have to worry about any standing water creating a breeding ground for bacteria. This makes our artificial pet grass an ideal solution for pet owners who want to keep their pet’s area cleaner and healthier.

Dogs playing on artificial grass

Odor Controlling

One of the most impressive benefits of our artificial dog grass is that it can help control odors. At SYNLawn Arkansas, our artificial pet turf has a built-in drainage system, allowing liquids to be removed quickly and effectively. This feature also helps reduce odors from pet waste, keeping your lawn fresher and cleaner. 

Our synthetic pet grass features non-toxic materials and a special anti-microbial infill, helping to eliminate any lingering odors. As a bonus, our artificial pet turf will not retain moisture like conventional grass, reducing odor-causing bacteria.

Low Maintenance 

When caring for your outdoor space, artificial grass offers a low-maintenance solution that requires very little upkeep. Unlike traditional grass, which needs regular mowing, fertilizing, and weeding, our artificial pet grass requires minimal maintenance. As such, you do not have to worry about water usage or the need to water it regularly. You will also never have to apply weed killers or pesticides or buy and use lawn mowers or other gardening tools. Plus, the surface of our artificial pet grass will not get muddy when it rains. These factors make this type of grass an ideal and low-maintenance solution for pet-friendly surfaces.

Bulldog and chocolate lab playing on artificial grass

High Durability

Regarding durability, our synthetic pet grass can withstand a great deal of wear and tear. This is because it is designed to be durable enough to resist the claws and teeth of even the most active dogs. In addition, the materials used in our artificial pet grass are highly resistant to fading, tearing, and matting, so your pet-friendly lawn or landscaping will look great for years to come

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At SYNLawn Arkansas, our artificial pet grass offers home and business owners in Little Rock, AR an optimal surface for dogs and other household pets to enjoy. This is due to the many benefits our synthetic dog turf provides, including durability, ease of maintenance, cleanliness, and eco-friendliness. So contact us at SYNLawn Arkansas today to learn more and get a quote for your property!